Founding Partner StillMark Co. Founder and Executive Director of City Fellows Consortium and Women in Venture. Mentor at Silicon Valley’s Plug and Play Tech Center and Alchemist Accelerator, and to NYFTL by the Partnership Fund for NYC and Springboard Enterprises. Fintech Fellow at Singapore University of Social Sciences in Singapore. Company Advisor contributing on issues of Strategy, Finance, Org and Ops, and more. First learned about company building alongside a successful entrepreneurial grandfather, catalyzing an affinity for and commitment to entrepreneurs. Rooting for Underdogs and Outsiders.
profile picture Alyse Killeen
Sigma Eta Pi UCLA Chapter | April 2017
N3XT Conference | April 2017
(Talk) Keynote: Global Financial Institutions and the Innovative Frontier
BayPay Forum | March 2017
Venture Beat | March 2017
500 Startups | January 2017
(Talk) Unity & Inclusion Conference: Women in Venture Capital – See HIGHLIGHT
500 Startups | January 2017
(Talk) Unity & Inclusion Conference: Fireside Chat with Paige Craig – See HIGHLIGHT
Behind the Brilliance | January 2017
(Talk) Hosted by Lisa Nicole Bell: Podcast 113 with Alyse Killeen
Payment Week | December 2016
FinTech Silicon Valley | October 2016
(Talk) Moderator Mark Albertson of San Francisco Examiner: Blockchain Innovation
Honest Talks | September 2016

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