About Alyse Killeen

Named a Top 70 Bay Area Digital Leader by the United Nations Foundation and appointed in 2016 as a Fintech Fellow at Singapore University of Social Sciences, Alyse Killeen is a venture capital investor, ecosystem development-focused founder, and #WomenWhoLead advocate. Her work and investments focus on the global significance and commercial potential of technology and business model innovation, where inspired founders transform their ideas into sustainable, world-changing businesses.

Alyse is an author within the international group that collaborated to publish the Handbook of Digital Currency: Bitcoin, Innovation, Financial Instruments, and Big Data (Elsevier 2015), contributing a chapter titled “The Confluence of Bitcoin and the Global Sharing Economy” to this award-winning academic and business reference book. She went on to partner with this intercontinental team once more to generate the next book in the series, Handbook of Digital Banking (Elsevier 2017), co-authoring a chapter titled “Global Financial Institutions 2.0” with Dr. R. Chan of the World Bank to discuss global-scale financial institutions’ post-blockchain adoption. Since 2013, Alyse has presented keynotes and university lectures on frontier technologies (also known as emerging technologies), the corresponding opportunities for consumer and enterprise applications, and the next-generation business models that are enabled.

Early blockchain conference presentation Q2 2014
Early blockchain conference presentation Q3 2014

With a select dozen or more talks and panels given each year, Alyse travels frequently to share experience-driven insight at conferences such as TechCrunch/TechNode in Beijing and the IMF Conference at Singapore Management University in Singapore. Speaking on topics including blockchain, data, and IoT technologies, and the industries of finance, healthcare, and retail, the concept that most animates Alyse is the movement beyond business success to cultural relevance. Alyse has applied this framework in the presentation of topics including the development of startup ecosystems, cross-border investing and paradiplomacy, startup growth, and the evaluation of new technologies.

Alyse is best known for her venture investment work and founder mentorship (especially for her mentorship of highly technical founders). In 2016 she launched StillMark Co., an investment advisory and venture capital investment group. Prior, Alyse was a member of the investment team of two of Los Angeles’ largest, traditional venture capital firms, Clearstone Venture Partners and March Capital Partners. Focused on both consumer and enterprise technologies from Series A through pre-IPO, Alyse has seen thousands of companies each year and has worked on several hundred deals a year since 2012, collaborating with her teams on the investment of hundreds of millions of dollars and participating in the financing of several dozen top-tier companies. She is also a Mentor in Silicon Valley at Plug and Play Tech Center and at the Alchemist Accelerator, and in New York City at New York Fashion Tech Lab, where she sees companies at the seed and pre-seed stage.

With a historical investment focus on data science, network infrastructure, fintech, and ecommerce, today at the helm of StillMark Co., Alyse focuses on the technologies of distributed consensus networks, data application and infrastructure, and machine learning and intelligence. The sectors of finance, healthcare, and marketplaces are of particular attention for both investment and company advisory work. Alyse is an Advisory Board Member for several cutting-edge, early stage companies operating within these sectors, and a Board Director at the startup non-profit, BitGive. BitGive is Bitcoin’s first 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Through her investment work, Alyse has recognized areas in which the innovation ecosystem could be strengthened by community infrastructure development. To address these opportunities, she launched Women in Venture in 2013 and City Fellows Consortium in 2015. City Fellows is an international league for top undergraduate engineers, bridging the gap between classroom education and students’ local innovation communities. Through City Fellows, Generation Z tech leadership is advanced to enter the work force with purpose and empowered. Driving toward this aim, Consortium offers Fellows the opportunity to spend time out of their lab and classrooms, and in the boardrooms of their own city’s most powerful and insightful innovation leaders. Fellows share private seminar discussions with both prominent founders and funders across a breadth of sectors, stages of company maturity and financing, and areas of technology focus – variation is key.

On campus, university students can become isolated within niche class and lab groups in preparation for a narrow career path that is set early, and often without evaluation. Skills and knowledge are seldom presented alongside context for their workplace application. Not only does this type of university dynamic disadvantage students – including our future industry leaders – but it also limits the companies they will join or launch and the societies and culture they’ll influence. Consortium was developed to offer business context for the technical skills Fellows possess as well as broad career path exposure. At the same time, through Consortium, the local business community has the chance to get to know top student talent. Alyse’s goal in the design and development of City Fellows Consortium is to support natural student leaders in optimizing their efficacy and position early.

For much the same purpose, Alyse launched Women in Venture (WxV) during her first couple years as a venture capitalist. Today, WxV is the most prominent organization for women in the field. It is the preeminent private social-professional network for women investors in traditional venture capital, supporting an increase of the number of women in venture and the advancement of their careers, and advocating for women entrepreneurs and those in executive leadership.

2017 with Priya Saiprasad and Jesse Draper
2016 with Elizabeth Yin, Monique Woodard + Jess Erickson
2015 with Robyn Ward, Barbara Boxer, Kara Nortman, Erin Flynn + Melinda Moore
2014 with Eva Ho, Renee LaBran, Pilar Stella, Alexa Fischer + Victoria Cheng

Through the Women in Venture platform, Alyse hosts a few dozen executive women’s events every year. Every month, the WxV Team organizes small, off-the-record, meals for 4 – 7 executive women at a time. Thematically curated, the invited leaders come from the same or complementary fields, and though no specific intention is ever set, these occasions have regularly led to financings, business development deals, organic mentorships, professional collaborations, and other shared opportunities (e.g. speaking engagements, job opportunities, talent discovery, and more). Women in Venture brings together not women who work, but #WomenWhoLead in their work. In doing so, Women in Venture also hosts much larger member-exclusive events for women VCs. Alyse believes that the innovation ecosystem and world broadly will be healthier and will better thrive with more women are in positions of leadership, industry prominence, and authority to allocate resources and capital.


-Founder and Managing Partner of StillMark Co., an Investment and Investment Advisory Group
-Executive Director City Fellows Consortium
-Executive Director Women in Venture
-Fintech Fellow at Singapore University of Social Sciences
-Advisory Board Member, Ciphrex
-Advisory Board Member, Netki
-Advisory Board Member, Factom
-Advisory Board Member, Helpr
-Advisory Board Member, WearAway
-Advisory Board Member, Emerald & Palm
-Advisory Board Member, Vinetta Project
-Board of Directors, BitGive, a 501(c)3
-UN 70 Bay Area Digital Leader, awarded by the UN Foundation
-Fintech Mentor, Plug and Play Tech Center
-Mentor, Alchemist Accelerator
-Mentor (Expert Network), NYFTL
-Author (Elsevier 2015), “The Confluence of Bitcoin and the Global Sharing Economy” in the Handbook of Digital Currency
-Co-author with Dr. R Chan of World Bank (Elsevier 2017), “Global Financial Institutions 2.0” in the Handbook of Digital Banking

UN70 Digital Leaders Inaugural Event - (Center Image) Cameron Sinclair of Jolie Pitt Foundation, Alyse Killeen, and Vanessa Dawson of Vinetta Project