Talks and Mentions

Finance Magnates | September 2016

(Mention) by Avi Mizrahi, “Bitcoin Nonprofit BitGive Launches Donation Tracking Platform

International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Singapore Management University (SMU) | August 2016

(Talk) Moderator Tan Kok Yam, Head of SNPO at the PMO, “Smart Nation, Sharing Economy, and e-Residency

The Blockchain Event | July 2016

(Talk) Keynote: Investing in Blockchain-based Startups

Forbes | June 2016

(Mention) by Jonathan Chester, “What Venture Capitalists Look For in a Blockchain Startup

Blockchain Training Conference | June 2016

(Talk) Keynote: Investing in Blockchain-based Startups – See HIGHLIGHT

Channel NewsAsia | April 2016

(Talk) Perspectives Series Episode 3: The Future of Fintech

Payment Week | April 2016

(Mention) by Ryan Kennedy, “Millennials Are Pushing Fintech Disruption

Forbes | April 2016

(Mention) by Mc Kenna Walsh, “The Future of VC is Exciting

Channel NewsAsia | April 2016

(Mention) by Samantha Yap, “Banks Risk Losing Millennials to Fintech Startups

Startup Garage Philippines | March 2016

(Talk) Judges Panel: Startup Garage Cohort Pitch Presentations

500 Startups | March 2016

(Talk) Diversity in Tech and VC | March 2016

(Mention) by Scott Fargo, “Satoshi Roundtable Participants Agree To and Sign Pledge

The Elevate Project in partnership with the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office | February 2016

(Talk) Business Models & Best Practices

Techstars and Lean In Los Angeles | February 2016

(Talk) Moderator Jenny Fielding of Techstars: Is an Accelerator Your Path to Funding?

TechCrunch / Technode Beijing | November 2015

(Talk) Cross Border Investment

Techweek Los Angeles | November 2015

(Talk) Startup LAUNCH Competition Finals

SoCal Innovation Forum | October 2015

(Talk) Investor Panel

The Hive Think Tank | September 2015

(Talk) Moderator Peter Kirby of Factom: Blockchains – From crypto-currencies to data driven smart economies

Watermark Conference | September 2015

(Talk) Social Entrepreneurism – What’s Involved? Is it for You?

Let’s Talk Bitcoin LTB Network | August 2015

(Talk) The Tatiana Show: VC and Blockchain Innovation with Alyse Killeen

Silicon Dragon | July 2015

(Talk) Cross-border VCs and Dealmakers

BayPay Forum | July 2015

(Talk) Bitcoin, the Blockchain and the Future of the Financial World

Inside Bitcoins Conference Chicago | July 2015

(Talk) Leadership in a Time of Crypto – A Discussion on the Necessary Traits for Crypto Startups

Inside Bitcoins Conference Chicago | July 2015

(Talk) Judges Panel: Startup Pitch Competition

ZapChain AMA | June 2015

(Talk) Venture Capital Fundraising for Blockchain-Based Startups

United Nations Foundation | June 2015

(Recognition) UN70 Digital Leader: Gallippi and Killeen Represent Bitcoin Community at UN 70th Anniversary Celebration

Handbook of Digital Currency (Elsevier) | May 2015

(Writing) Chapter 24: The Confluence of Bitcoin and the Global Sharing Economy

The Joy Writer | May 2015

(Mention) by Joy Kennelly, “Observations on Women in Business

USA Today | April 2015

(Talk) Tech Roundtable with Jefferson Graham: Content On-Demand

Tuesdaynights Event | April 2015

(Talk) Woman’s Roadmap to Funding

State of Digital Money Conference | April 2015

(Talk) Blockchain Technology

Caltech Entrepreneurship Club | April 2015

(Talk) Ask a VC: March Capital with Alyse Killeen and Gregory Milken

Digital Women Symposium | March 2015

(Talk) Fundraising and Women in VC

Inside Bitcoins | February 2015

(Mention) by Hal Bundrick “Bitcoin Committee of 50 to Gather at Caribbean Island for ‘The Satoshi Roundtable

P2P Connects Us | January 2015

(Talk) Podcast Episode 8: Bitcoin and the P2P Economy

Techweek Los Angeles | December 2014

(Talk) Startup LAUNCH Competition Finals

SoCal Innovation Forum | December 2014

(Talk) Investors Panel

Dynamica Expo Texas | November 2014

(Talk) Funding Healthcare Innovation Roundtable

Singapore Management University (SMU) Cryptocurrency Workshop | November 2014

(Talk) Keynote: Catalyzing the Silicon Valley Spirit of Innovation in Singapore

CAIA Conference Singapore| November 2014

(Talk) How are Cryptocurrencies Changing the Future?

CoinDesk | November 2014

(Mention) by Jon Southurst, “Singapore Event Puts Bitcoin on Mainstream Finance Agenda

BitcoinVox | November 2014

(Mention) by Peter Clarke, “Bitcoin Gaining Momentum in Singapore

Lioness Magazine | November 2014

(Mention) “Meet the Women of Techweek Los Angeles 2014

Bloomberg Businessweek | October 2014

(Mention) by Karen Klein, “Women Angels for Women-Led Startups

TiE Silicon Valley | September 2014

(Talk) The State of Digital Currency

Loeb Founders and Funders Annual Retreat | September 2014

(Talk) Venture Capital and Innovation Panel

Coin Congress USA | July 2014

(Talk) Keynote: The Confluence of Bitcoin and the Global Sharing Economy

Vinetta Project | July 2014

(Talk) Judges Panel: Startup Showcase Los Angeles

Let’s Talk Bitcoin LTB Network | June 2014

(Talk) Bitcoins and Gravy podcast: Venture Capital Investing Explained

Coin Congress Asia | May 2014

(Talk) Keynote: The Psychology of the Network in P2P and IoT Blockchain Transaction

Built in LA | April 2014

(Mention) by Stephanie Hongsathavij, “4 Women VCs Driving LA Tech Forward

CoinFilter | 2014

(Mention) The Top 40 Women of Bitcoin

San Diego Venture Group | July 2013

(Mention) by Neil Senturia and Barbara Bry, “Entrepreneurs Continue to Face Challenge